Wamen Menag RI, Zainut Tauhid Kunjungi Darul Ihsan

Aceh Besar – Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr H Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi, M.Si carried out a series of activities in Aceh, including also a visit to Dayah Darul Ihsan Abu Hasan Krueng Kalee, in Siem village, Darussalam, Aceh Besar, Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

During a short visit, Deputy Minister Zainut Tauhid made a pilgrimage to the tomb of the founder of dayah Darul Ihsan, Abu Hasan Krueng Kalee, who was also in the women’s complex.

In a word, Wamen Zainut Tauhid conveyed, alhamdulillah had the opportunity to visit Dayah Darul Ihsan and visit.

Darul Ihsan, an increasingly rapid Pesantren that is becoming the main destination of the people of Aceh and its surroundings.

“This pesantren is a place to send their children to school to seek useful knowledge and will contribute to the nusa and the nation.” Explained Zainut Tauhid who is also ex. deputy chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (CENTRAL MUI) for the 2015-2020 period, then.

As the deputy minister of religious affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, I continue to provide support and encouragement to continue to increase and to truly make a major contribution to society not only in Aceh but for the people of Indonesia.

“I have seen up close, this pesantren is extraordinary, I am proud, and hopefully this pesantren will become the pride of the people of Aceh and all Indonesian people.” Closed the Doctorate in the Study of Islamic Political Thought, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, in a car to Sultan Iskandar Muda airport.

Click the Link of the Deputy Minister’s welcome to Darul Ihsan; Deputy Minister of Trade Visits Darul Ihsan – YouTube

H Musannif Sanusi as chairman of the foundation, is very grateful for the opportunity, moral support and attention of Mr. Wamen Zainut Tauhid RI. It is an honor for us caregivers, teachers and students all.

The visit was ended with the handover of souvenirs and group photos.

From Dayah Darul Ihsan, the Chairman of the Foundation handed over a biography book of Abu Krueng Kalee and from the Indonesian Santri Entrepreneurs Association (HIPSI) Peci Kupiah Aceh, by the Owner of the Al Aqsa Production Store Convection, Tgk Al Qarni, SE, accompanied directly by the HIPSI Ketum Tgk Muhammad Balia.

Also present were campus academics, Professor of UIN Arraniry, Prof. Syabuddin Gade, M. Ag, Chairman of the DPP of the Aceh Dayah Alumni Scholars Association (ISAD), Tgk Mustafa Husen Woyla, Tgk Khansanda Abdurrahman, Chairman of Pergunu Aceh Besar, and Hanafiah Treasurer of GP Anshor Aceh, as well as a number of other pesantren and campus figures. [*]








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